Jeff and Liz H.

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Two years ago we decided to have installed a walkway along the east side of our house, down to where we store our garbage cans. Back then, before we met with Spencer, we still weren’t sure how to do this, or to what extent we should take it. This project had more utilitarian value in our view so the cost should reflect that. Spencer came over and had some really good ideas. In what seemed to be about 30 minutes Spencer had created a vision for us that provided the result needed. He gave us an idea of the cost which was well within our budget so we talked about other work that needed to get done and wound up sealing all of our stonework around the house and double driveway. Spencer did the work all within the time frame he said that he needed and did so for slightly more than the budget we had in mind just for doing the walkway. The finish is better than we expected. After all this time is apparent that a proper base was provided for the concrete tiles that he installed. Every concrete tile was put in place with precision. Today it is easy to shovel the snow, or to keep it clean all year long. Spencer did a very good job with sealing the stonework as well. It has endured well. We are happy customers of the Humble Landscapers and we continue to recommend their services to our friends and acquaintances.